How to choose a CBD subscription box

May 16, 2021 | Uncategorized

Always keep in mind that CBD subscription boxes differ widely, and they usually contain a wide variety of products from capsules to tinctures to creams and everything in between. 

That’s more reason why you need to evaluate some product criteria when selecting hemp-derived CBD products to add to your subscription box. 

To help you, we’ve selected the most important criteria for you to consider. Check them out below:

Product quality

Some CBD subscription boxes are packed with low-quality CBD products, and providers offer them at an inflated price. 

That’s why you always need to find trusted vendors like Hempra. If you are considering a couple of boxes, you can quickly Google search individual items that are provided in the box to check out some reviews to see which products have a good overall reputation and if those are what you’d want to use.

Price and Value

Always remember CBD subscription boxes are supposed to save you money! Providers generally buy CBD products in bulk and so they can help pass the savings on to people interested in buying CBD subscription boxes. That’s one of the reasons why you should opt for subscription services. 

It can be hard to compare prices because it’s not only about the number of items in your box but the quality of each item. 

The difference between the price of a 100% organic super-strength CBD tincture and a low-CBD product can be huge. So ensure you take potency and dosage-per-product into account when comparing. 

The interesting part, however, is that at Hempra, we offer you a box full of premium-hemp-derived CBD products starting at just $19.95. That’s why our CBD subscription service stands out as one of the best.

 Product variety

Most CBD subscription boxes contain carefully selected CBD product types, from topicals to balms to edibles and gummies. So when you subscribe to a delivery service, you’ll always get carefully curated items that’ll allow you to try out some products you may have never heard of or tried before!

That’s why we always recommend you check through subscription providers’ social media accounts to see historical boxes to get a good idea of product types you can expect. 


Some subscription boxes are meant for beginners who are new to CBD products. They often come with low dosages to help your body grow accustomed. Other subscription boxes are packaged for more experienced users, hence, they come in higher doses. 

However, keep in mind that dosing can be tricky as they depend on a lot of factors, including historical encounters, intended use, and biological factors. 

Some CBD subscription boxes guarantee a specific number of products or dosage. Some specify somewhere between 3-10 products per month. Others specify dosages; like “you’ll get at least 400 mg of CBD in each box per month.”

So, as a general rule, you should start slow and work your way up in dosage and potency. The good part of subscription plans is that you have plenty of time and a chance to find what you’re comfortable with as you get more comfortable with CBD products. 


CBD products will always be containing less than 0.3% THC, as required by the United States.

Despite the legal right to use CBD products, some employees still don’t allow the use of any cannabis-derived product, and many countries restrict it.

So it is important to double-check if a product you want to add to your CBD subscription box is legally permitted in your location before buying it. 

Selection process

Some CBD subscription boxes are put together by experts with many years of experience in the industry. They know the best products and brands in the market. Other CBD boxes are curated by Less watchfully allowing for lower quality products to slip in. 

That’s more of a reason why you need to be careful to look at the products within the boxes and research the brands carefully. This is important because you don’t want to use low-quality products that may cause harm long term.

At Hempra, our team of CBD experts has made your search easy. We’ve put together a box full of premium hemp-derived CBD products. You can get started today with our personalized hemp box. 

Final Remark

Make sure you consider the product criteria above before choosing a CBD subscription box. The quality, price, variety, dosage, legality and selection process matters when selecting your products in your CBD box. You can register with us today to get the best hemp-based CBD products personalized for you in our subscription box.



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