Color Up Bath Bomb

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Color Up Bath Bomb

Dimensions: 2 × 2 × 2 in

There’s nothing like a nice warm bath at the end of a long day or an intense workout. With the REHAB – Bath Bomb, you can infuse any bath with the relaxing effects of CBD, kaolin clay, and natural epsom salt. This winning combination will help relax muscles and take any bath to the next level.

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$6.00 or $5.40 / month

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Application: Add to warm bath water, for the ultimate relaxing experience. It is detoxifying and helps to soothe and heal itchy, dry and irritated skin.

Pro Tip: FIZZ is the perfect add-on to any service. Prior to beginning your service, have your client begin with a warm CBD foot soak. It gives them a chance to let everything melt away and be completely relaxed before beginning their treatment.


Organic Hemp CBD
Improves skin tone, and relaxes muscles and
connective tissue.

Epsom Salt
Helps to reduce pain and swelling. Relieves stress, and detoxes heavy metals.

Kaolin Clay
Detoxifying, yet soothing for irritated skin.
Remineralizes the body. Relieves body aches.

Organic Hemp Seed Oil
Reinforces the skin’s smooth texture and reduces the appearance of flakey, dehydrated skin. It is Ceramide rich which helps support the skin’s barrier function.

organic baking soda, natural epsom salt, food grade citric acid, natural kaolin clay, organic hemp seed oil, organic jojoba oil, CBD (from organic hemp), organic lavender essential oil.



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