Sample It Kit Box

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Sample It Kit Box

The Sample It Kit CBD Box provides you with the convenience of five (5) sample CBD products delivered directly to your door every month. This box offers many sample products you can’t buy directly from brands. This is the perfect box if you are new to CBD or just want to try something you haven’t tried before.

  • The perfect point of entry for new CBD users
  • 5 samples products every month for one low price
  • A convenient & enjoyable way to experience CBD
  • CBD formulas with natural & ethically-sourced ingredients
  • Stay stocked up with our auto-ship feature
  • Sample products you can’t always buy direct from brands
    • For example, sample Vici products
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Low Cost of Entry

We know that CBD products can be costly. We want to make CBD accessible for everyone. The HEMPRA Sample It Kit Box makes it so anyone can try CBD and not have to break the bank to do so.


Less Trial and Error

Make no mistake, all of the products we carry work. The question is if an individual product will work for you. 

As you may or may not know, not every CBD product is going to work for everyone. Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that interacts with cannabinoids such as CBD, but each and every one of us also all have a different DNA makeup. That means that different products, dosages, cannabinoids, terpenes (the list goes on and on) are going to affect each of us differently. 

The low cost of the HEMPRA Sample It Kit Box gives you more leeway in being able to test different products without fully committing to one without knowing whether or not it works for you.


Vetted Brands

With all of the selection out in the CBD market, it’s hard to make heads or tails over what is quality or fluff. Don’t stress as we have personally vetted each and every brand we care to ensure they aren’t just the best products on the market, but also conducting business ethically and sustainably. 



You may be too busy to try and find the products you like at a low enough cost online. That’s one of the benefits of getting a CBD subscription box – It is perfect for convenience and makes it a whole lot easier and cheaper to get your products delivered right to your door without disrupting your daily routine.


Easy way for beginners to try cannabidiol (CBD)

It is advisable to start “low and slow” as a beginner who is new to CBD products. The “low” describes the dosage, and the “slow” describes the pace at which you should take the dose. 

The sample subscription box creates a framework for a low and slow plan. You may start with a 250mg concentration CBD tincture in the first three months of your monthly subscription. 

After that period, you may find that a 500 mg concentration provides the right amount to help you get a relaxed feeling. And if you decide to phase out or take a break, you can do so at your own pace. 



You don’t have to worry about product quality when using a CBD subscription box. Reputable CBD brands like Hempra will vet all the products in the market beforehand and make provision for only the best. 

Here at Hempra we curate our products and only provide reputable products and brands to be sent to you.


Long-term benefits

A long-term CBD regimen can improve how your body responds to cannabinoids. These compounds are stored in your body’s fat cells and they are released when fat is burned. This helps to promote a sense of balance. 

Hence, getting a monthly subscription box is beneficial for developing a long-term CBD regimen that gives you a chance to take different dosage amounts. You are free to adjust what’s in your monthly box at various times. And this can be particularly helpful for you if you’re someone who engages in more physical activity at a particular time of the year (e.g. an athlete).


Access to new products

The CBD sector is growing by the day with more scientific research. New products will continue to flood the market as scientists learn more about the powerful capabilities of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant.

So when you sign for a monthly or seasonal subscription box, you get access to new hemp and CBD products as they are released into the market without having to watch for and search them yourself. 

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