What CBD Strength Is Best?

May 12, 2022 | CBD

When selecting a cannabidiol (CBD) product, there are many options available of varying strengths. Each person reacts to CBD differently and has a different tolerance level, which makes it important to select the right concentration for you. The best way to avoid potential issues with CBD is to start with small amounts and see how your chemistry reacts. From there, you may be able to build up to stronger doses.
The majority of CBD oil products range from 100mg to over 5,000mg in a single one-ounce bottle. Oftentimes, new users start with around one to three milligrams of CBD and go up to four or five if that lower dose isn’t strong enough to lead to any results. In this guide to CBD strength, we’ll go over how to determine which concentration is best for you.

Understanding CBD Strength

There are certain factors to consider when deciding on the right CBD strength. The first factor is the size of the bottle. For example, you may want to choose between a 30ml bottle that contains 200mg of CBD and another that contains 400mg. The 200mg bottle would contain around 6.6 mg per ml, while the 400mg bottle would contain just over 13mg per ml. Even if you settle on a certain mg per bottle, the concentration will vary depending on the size of the bottle. For instance, you might want to choose between a 15ml bottle that contains 200mg and a 30ml bottle that contains the same amount. In this case, the smaller bottle would have twice the concentration of CBD of the larger bottle. This is why you need to factor in the bottle size combined with the CBD concentration to make the right choice. Many reputable CBD manufacturers clearly indicate the concentration and serving size on their packaging, which can help you gauge which bottle is best for you.

Which Strength to Start With

Typically, people who are new to CBD like to start with a CBD oil or another product that contains less than 10mg per dose. If you would like to start with a CBD oil product that contains a minimal dose, you can start with a product that combines CBD and a carrier oil with a CBD strength of around 2.75%, with hemp seed oil and other ingredients comprising 97.25% of the oil. The typical dose with these products could be anywhere from one to eight drops that users consume up to three times per day. The best way to experience the effects of CBD quickly is to hold the drops under the tongue for one to two minutes prior to swallowing. You may increase the dose to the recommended maximum as clarified on the bottle.

Meanwhile, if you would like to start with a capsule, people often start with a capsule that contains 20-40mg of high-strength CBD oil that’s a blend of hemp and olive oil. People who take these for general wellbeing often only take one of these per day, most commonly at night. Some may also take an additional dose or two throughout the day at various intervals.

CBD Strength Levels

To help you choose the ideal CBD strength, the following are the primary potency levels available and their effects.

Low-Potency CBD Oil: 

Low-potency CBD oil contains a CBD concentration of 10% or lower. It normally comes in a 30ml bottle of 300mg, which comes to 10mg per ml.
Some of the benefits that people experience with this potency include:

● Alleviated headaches
● Better sleep
● Reduced anxiety and stress
● Elimination of aches and pains

People who are extra-sensitive to CBD often benefit from this dosage and don’t require a larger dose at any point.

Medium-Potency CBD Oil:

For people who would prefer a higher dose of CBD, medium potency may be the right level. This potency level contains around 15% to 30% CBD.
People often use this strength of CBD to treat conditions such as:

● Inflammation
● Mild to moderate pain
● Mild to moderate headaches
● Mild to moderate levels of anxiety
● Insomnia
● Digestive issues

High-Potency CBD Oil:

If people require a higher strength to treat certain medical conditions, they may opt for high- potency CBD that contains a CBD concentration of 30% to 60%.
People often use this strength to treat the following medical conditions:

● Epilepsy
● Cancer
● Severe insomnia
● Moderate to severe pain
● Moderate to severe anxiety
● Multiple sclerosis
● Chronic inflammation
● Chronic migraines

Ultra-Strength CBD: 

Some people may need even more potent CBD, in which cases they may choose CBD with a concentration of 60% or higher. Because of the concentration of CBD, these oils tend to be considerably thicker than lower concentrations, making it difficult to take orally. Instead, people with serious medical conditions requiring extra-strength CBD will typically take these CBD products orally via a syringe. The syringe in most cases is actually not an injection. It’s a thick rich plant extract with a full spectrum of cannabinoids and taken orally. Some people will fill it in a capsule or they will just put it on their tongue and swallow it down.

Choose the Right Dose for You

Everyone reacts differently to CBD, like any other therapeutic substance. The best way to gauge what works for you is to start with small, low-potency doses and build up as needed. Depending on the dose you wish to take and the condition you want to treat, consult your doctor for advice on how to get started with CBD products.


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