What You Need to Know About VICI Patches

Jun 19, 2021 | Uncategorized

You might have been looking for the best natural solution to migraines, anxiety, and sleepless nights. Maybe you are afraid or tired of using analgesics. Well, Vici patches are made from natural ingredients that give can provide health benefits.

At hempra, we offer CBD subscription boxes that include VICI patches containing 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD hemp oil. This product no more than 0.3 THC, so they do not pose any psychotic effect.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant. Several research studies have shown that CBD is effective in alleviating:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic inflammation and pain 
  • Some rare forms of childhood epilepsy

This makes the Vici Patches one of the best products for people to add to their CBD subscription box- both monthly and seasonal plans. 

Vici Patches are a tested and trusted solution to your sudden anxiety attacks, migraines, and sleepless night.

If you’re not too sure, our team of experts at Hempra asks some basic questions through our quiz, and recommends Vici Patches when applicable. But you can as well pick your choice of the highest-quality CBD-based products. 

The interesting part is that we can keep the Vici Patches in your box monthly and seasonally, and we deliver right to your doorstep for every order from $19.95 and above. Also, you can decide to cancel your subscription anytime you want. 

What are VICI Patches?

VICI Patches are produced by VICI Wellness, which is a privately-held company founded in 2018. This company deals in wellness, health, and fitness products made from natural ingredients. These products include topical patches and aromatherapy rollers to relieve anxiety, migraines, and other mental issues.

VICI Patches are an effective product that works to naturally alleviate issues and support your system. You can find different types, including VICI Nervous Wreck, Sweet Dreams, Oh Mi-Graine, Wake Up Call, Monthly Mayhem, and a couple of other powerful patches based on your needs.

You can get patches either in a set or along with the rollers, which often come with a discount. 

Important specification of VICI patches

Vici Patches have the following specifications:

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Ingredients are 100% natural
  • They are used to relieve migraines, curb anxiety, recharge immunity, regain focus and attention, and control PMS
  • They are water
  • proof but not water-resistant 
  • You can choose a particular body area that is clean and free from lotion and hair (preferably, back, arms, or hips); peel the patches off and apply it on the skin and leave it to work for 8-10 hours

Advantages of using VICI Patches

Here are some of the pros of adding Vici Patches to your CBD subscription boxes:

  • They are made of only natural ingredients such as CBD
  • Gift cards and money-saving sets available
  • You can cut patches further for your desired dosage
  • They are water-resistant and easy to apply
  • They come at affordable prices
  • They do not contain fillers, dairy, colors, latex, flavorings, sugar, MSG, artificial dyes, or Casein.

However, you need to note that tracking of ordered items are only available on account subscription

How Legit are VICI Patches?

Well, instead of stating claims and all, we would mention some points worth noting that will help you decide if VICI Patches are safe and legit.

First, a user’s review is an important factor to decide if a product is legit. 

That’s why at Hempra, our team of experts has researched reviews of users. We found that so far, people who have used these patches have confirmed them to be very effective. 

One user mentioned that she applied the VICI patches as soon as she saw symptoms of migraine, and for the two times she used it, the migraine disappeared. She stated that she was surprised to see how well the patches prevented the migraine from reaching dangerously high levels. 

Many other customers stated that these patches also worked for them. 

You can join a host of customers who are enjoying the therapeutic benefits of CBD-infused VICI patches. You can answer our quiz, and get a chance to add the VICI patches to your subscription box. This helps you tackle anxiety, migraine, and sleepless nights.

What you’re getting is patches containing 100mg broad-spectrum CBD hemp oil.  Besides, it is 100% natural ingredients. And you don’t have to suffer any feeling of “high,” which is commonly associated with THC. 

You may find it difficult to select a list of the best products for your needs. Don’t worry, our Hemptenders are always available to guide you to pick the best option for you based on your preference. 

Final Remark

VICI Patches are one of the best CBD-based products you can add to your subscription box. You can always use it to tackle migraines, anxiety, or sleep issues. You can add this product to your monthly or seasonal subscription box. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and not too sure about this product, you can try our sample box to test the effectiveness of the product, and this comes at a fraction of the cost. 

You get your products delivered to your doorstep and you are free to cancel your subscription anytime. Our Hemptenders are available 24/7 to assist you with any questions you may have regarding any product you’re adding to your CBD subscription box.

However, we always love to hear from you and understand your needs. And that’s why we recommend you start by taking this simple quiz. You can save more and enjoy the benefits of CBD when the VICI patches are added to your box. 


  1. Brandi Deckard

    Are these made from latex?

    • replenishcbd@gmail.com

      Hello, No they are not made from latex.

  2. Dakota Ryan

    How long do they take to kick in?

    • Stacy

      Hi Dakota,

      The patches are an 8 hour release and it should kick in within 1 hour.

  3. Marc

    100mg patches are amazing!
    I wish they lasted longer for the price but you get what you pay for…..
    Thank you for a great product!

  4. Annelies Strasser

    Can you wear the patches 24-7?

    • Stacy

      Hi Annelies,

      The patches are an 8 hour release.

  5. Danielle

    Do all of them have CBD? I just got the nervous wreck one & it doesn’t say it had it but I wondered..

    • Stacy

      Hi Danielle,

      Not all VICI patches have CBD. Hempra only has the CBD patches available.

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