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May 16, 2021 | Uncategorized

There are many vendors of CBD subscription boxes you can find in the market today. That’s due to the rapid influx of new CBD products following scientific findings in the hemp industry. 

But you may easily become confused, especially if you’re not sure of the best CBD product to buy. That’s why you need to be guided appropriately, especially when choosing a CBD subscription box. 

More so, you need to understand that every CBD user has his/her personal needs and interest. So choosing an already-made CBD box may not help you achieve the best result. 

Hempra is one of the biggest CBD subscription box service providers in the Florida Naples community. We have helped too many Cannabidiol product lovers get the best experience. 

Our team of experts/certified hemptenders have put together a little quiz to guide you in getting the best hemp-based CBD products you can find in the market. We give you the option to have a totally hands free curated box. 

All you need to do is tell us what you’re interested in or select your own products. And you’ll get a CBD subscription box tailored to meet your particular needs and interest.

Components of our CBD subscription box quiz

Tell us your name

Giving us your name (first name) and telling us about yourself helps us address you by name and find the right box for you. 

Have you tried CBD before?

This helps us know whether to recommend beginner products to you or products that are intended for expert CBD users. 

More so, if you’re new to using CBD products, you may not have the required experience to pick your product yourself. That’s why our certified hemptenders are readily available to handpick items for you based on your answers.

You might have tried CBD products earlier but still, need guidance in choosing the right product. A certified hemptender will come in here to help you make the best decision.

However, after selecting the CBD-based items you need, the most suitable set of products will be made visible for you to choose from. You can select one or two items for yourself, and let our Hemptenders choose the rest for you. 

If you also intend to get the CBD subscription box for someone else, you can take our quiz and we would give you the best items based on your preferences.

There are over 4,000 box combo options and each box is customized for your needs. Our hemptenders choose the most suitable hemp-derived CBD products that fit your answers to our quiz.

You can then try them out yourself to know what works best for you. The interesting thing is that at Hempra, we offer a highly flexible CBD subscription service. You can easily try varieties of product options to get the most suitable option for you.

You can swap out any items in your CBD subscription box to try something new. Our hemptenders are always there to show you the best selections 

Your subscription plan

At Hempra, we offer multiple different subscription plans. We have:

  • One-time/monthly subscription plan
  • Seasonal box (every three months)
  • The recurring box (shows as an option based on your preferences in the quiz)

You need to specify the subscription plan you want to opt for. 

You also get to select the purpose for which you’re getting these CBD items. We usually recommend you pick up to three categories, and this can be any of the following:

  • Skin maintenance
  • Maintain healthy sleep cycles
  • Manage everyday stress
  • Recovery from exercise-induced inflammation
  • Others

There are CBD products that are targeted to handle any of the above-listed needs. So selecting up to three options gives our certified hemptenders the chance to show you the best products in the market that are targeted to support these health needs. 

More so, we give you a chance to tell us your biggest concern if you need CBD products for a particular purpose, for example, skin maintenance. You may be concerned about side effects, your complexion, and so on. You just need to tell us so we understand your concerns.

This guides us to include the best item (that puts your concerns into consideration) in your CBD subscription box.

You have also are given a chance to state any allergies you might have or any unwanted or irritating flavors or scents. 

If you have any, our hemptenders screen the CBD products available to ensure you are not given any product that would irritate you or cause allergic reactions. 

We have a wide collection of products with different ingredient make-up. So if you’re allergic to a particular product’s chemical composition, we have alternative products that wouldn’t produce any allergy in your body. 

When you give us all the necessary details about yourself and your needs, our hemptenders quickly put together a list of the best options of CBD products to add to your CBD subscription box. 

Take Action Now!

Hempra is still the best CBD customized box vendor in Florida, and that’s because we provide a super-friendly service that allows you to have a totally hands-free curated box. Our certified hemptenders also stand by you to ensure you get the best. 

Our quiz is meant to guide you to get the top best product you can find in the market that matches your preferences. 

We have every subscription box customized for individual choices. You get a chance to try varieties of items to see what suits you best. You can freely swap any item to try something new. Our hemptenders are always there to guide you through your selection process. 

So take our CBD quiz now, tell us your name, your experience level with CBD, your subscription plan, and the purpose for which you’re choosing the CBD items.

All this information helps us streamline the process to give you the best products you can find in the market, and we deliver your subscription box to you. Yes, we bring it to your doorstep; no stress on you. 

We are here to give you the best CBD items based on your preference, so take our quiz now, and let’s give you a customized CBD subscription box at the cheapest price possible.



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